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Annual statements & solvency resolutions

We will send your company or scheme an annual statement each year within a few days of its annual review date. For most companies or schemes the annual review date will be the same as their date of registration.

If your company is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) some of your reporting obligations to ASIC will no longer apply. See here for details.

We will send your company’s annual statement to one of the following:
Registered scheme statements will be issued to the responsible entity for the scheme.

If you have not received your annual statement within five days after the review date you should contact us.

Annual statement checklist

Step 1Check your company/scheme statement
Step 2Change company details within 28 days
Step 3Pay invoice for annual review fee within 2 months
Step 4Pass a solvency resolution within 2 months

Step 1: Check your company/scheme statement

Your annual statement will include at least two documents:
You may also receive a covering letter.

Content of a company statement
The statement will contain the information we have on our database about your:
You must check this statement carefully.
Your annual company statement may also include additional company information - Contact address for ASIC use only. This appears if you have notified us of a contact address or appointed a registered agent. Late lodgement fees or late review fees do not apply to this information but you need to keep it up to date.

Content of a scheme statement
The statement will contain the information we have on our database about your:
You must check this statement carefully.

Step 2: Change company details within 28 days

If your company details have changed you must lodge changes with us within 28 days of the company statement issue date, or a late review fee will be charged.

How to change your details
You can lodge your changes using our online lodging service or using paper forms. We suggest you take advantage of our online lodging service. Register now to lodge forms online. If you are a company officeholder you will need your corporate key to register for online access.

Use: Do not return the company statement to us.

Form 484 Change to company details
Form 484 has three sections: A, B and C. These sections can be lodged individually or together depending on the types of changes you need to tell us about.

Tell us about changes when they happen
You only receive one annual statement for a company each year. However, you must also lodge changes to company details when they happen at other times during the year.

In most cases you can tell us about such changes using a Form 484. Here is a list of the more common changes that you need to tell us about, the form you should use, and how long you have to tell us if you want to avoid being charged a late lodgement fee.

How to tell us about scheme changes
A Responsible Entity for a registered scheme need only notify changes to scheme details in response to the scheme statement. The Form 491 Change to scheme details must be lodged to notify any changes. If required, the Form 491 should be lodged within 28 days of the issue date of the scheme statement. You can access a copy of the form from Find ASIC forms.

Step 3 Pay invoice for annual review fee within 2 months

You must pay the annual review fee shown on the invoice statement you received with your annual statement. If you have paid in advance, the annual review fee will be 'Nil'. If there is a fee it must be paid regardless of the accuracy of the information shown in your company or scheme statement.

If you do not pay a review fee that is owing within 2 months of your annual review date, a late payment fee will be charged.

See also:
Advance payment of annual review fees
How you can pay ASIC fees

Step 4 Pass a solvency resolution within 2 months

Company directors must pass a solvency resolution within 2 months after each review date, unless the company has lodged a financial report under Chapter 2M of the Corporations Act 2001, with ASIC within the previous 12 months. There are two types of solvency resolutions:
Guide on what directors must do

Solvency resolutionWhat they must doMust be lodged within
Directors pass a negative solvency resolutionLodge Form 4857 days after the resolution is passed
Directors pass a positive solvency resolution *You don't have to notify us of a positive solvency resolution*
Directors have not passed a solvency resolutionLodge a Form 485 unless the company has lodged a financial report with us in the last 12 months2 months and 7 days after the company's review date

Directors are taken to have represented that their company is solvent if they have:
Solvency resolutions do not apply to registered schemes.

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