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Markets - an overview

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ASIC's role in financial markets

A financial market is a facility through which offers to buy and sell financial products are regularly made. Anyone who operates a financial market in Australia must obtain a licence to do so, or otherwise be exempted by the Minister.

Market structure review

On 29 April 2011, ASIC released new market integrity rules for competition in exchange markets.

Market integrity rules

These rules are made by ASIC and apply to market operators, market participants, other prescribed entities and financial products traded on the relevant markets.

Licensed financial markets

List of domestic markets and overseas markets that have been licensed by the Minister to operate in Australia

Licensed clearing and settlement facilities

List of licensed clearing and settlement (C&S) facilities that have been licensed by the Minister to operate in Australia.

Exempt facilities

List of facilities that have been exempted by the Minister from the markets licensing provisions and clearing and settlement facility licensing provisions.

Market assessment reports

Under the Corporations Act, ASIC must assess, at least once every year, whether a licensee has adequate arrangements to supervise its market.

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