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ASIC fees and charges and the GST

Our ABN is 86 768 265 615
Our Biller Code is 17301

Our prescribed fees and charges are not subject to GST. Please refer to the table below:

Australian tax, fee or chargeAustralian lawNotes
Occupational licensing feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For incorporation, registration, and changing name or type of companies and other bodies
Annual returns and account feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
Lodgement feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For lodgement of reports or documents by disclosing entities, prospectuses and notices of sales or acquisitions of shares
Lodgement feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001Of notices on the creation, satisfaction, assignment or variation of a charge or on the acquisition of property under the charges registration provisions of the Corporations Act 2001
Fees for market licenseesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
Lodgement feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001Of takeover, compulsory acquisition and buy‑out documents and copies of offers under the takeover schemes provisions of the Corporations Act 2001
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For miscellaneous applications under the Corporations Act 2001
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For the supply of information, documents and certificates
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For any Act that ASIC is required or authorised to do on the request of a person
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For the preparation or examination of statements by ASIC under the external administration provisions of the Corporations Act 2001
FeesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001For the lodgement of Product Disclosure Statements
Late lodgement feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
Prescribed feesInsurance (Agents and Brokers) Regulations
FeesInsurance (Agents and Brokers) RegulationsFor registration renewal and inspection and copying of documents
Corporations review feesCorporations (Fees) Regulations 2001
FOI fees and chargesFreedom of Information Act 1992All fees and charges under the Act
Prescribed feesNational Consumer Credit Protection (Fees) Regulations 2010For chargeable matters under the National Consumer Credit Protection (Fees) Act 2009
Financial market supervision levy on market operatorsCorporations (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2010To recover the costs of financial market supervision functions performed by ASIC under Part 7.2A of the Corporations Act 2001 from domestically licensed financial markets
FeesBusiness Names Registration (Fees) Regulations 2011 Fees in respect of registration and renewal of business names or search fees
FeesSuperannuation Auditor Registration Imposition Regulations 2012Fees in respect of applying for registration as a self managed super funds auditor, undertaking a competency exam, giving the regulator an annual statement, inspection or search fees.

Note that these exemptions were formerly shown in a determination by the Treasurer that lists Australian taxes, fees and charges which are exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) (Exempt Taxes, Fees and Charges) Determination). This mechanism has been replaced with a principles-based legislative exemption with effect from 1 July 2011 (new charges) and 1 July 2013 (existing charges).

For further information see the Opens new window Australian Taxation Office website.

Fees for commonly lodged documents

ASIC search fees

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