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Check Name Availability

What is a Check Name Availability search?

The Check Name Availability search determines whether your proposed company name is similar or identical to an organisation name already registered or reserved with ASIC.

When starting a new company or changing an existing name, you are unable to register a company name that is identical to one that already exists. This search will allow you to check the availability of your proposed name before you lodge your application.

Search the availability of a name now. Opens new window

How much will it cost?

The Check name Availability search is free.

When should I check if a name is available?

Before an application to register a company is lodged with us, you should check if the proposed company name is available. Your proposed name will be rejected if it is considered to be identical to an already registered name.

This search does not guarantee that the name will necessarily be available or acceptable for registration. Before you lodge your application, see Starting a company.

Name reservation

You can reserve a company name, for a period of two months, to ensure that your intended company name is not used prior to you registering your company. For further information on reserving a name, see Starting a company

Information brokers

Information brokers also provide additional services for obtaining information on our public registers and may include information from sources other than ASIC.

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