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What is a Documents search?

The Documents search provides you with basic details of documents that have been lodged with us. You can also purchase a copy of them.

You can search for documents by using the document number. If you are not sure what the document number is, you can perform an Organisations and Business Names search.Opens new window This will show you a list of the available documents for a particular organisation.

Search for a document now.Opens new window

What information will I see for free?

Information we provide for free includes the:

What information can I purchase?

You can purchase a:

What is an ASIC certified document?

A certified document is a document from our register we have certified as a true copy and is admissible as evidence in court. The certification must have an original ASIC stamp and signature. Certified documents can be purchased online but will be sent by mail to the nominated address after purchase.

What documents can be ASIC certified?

We can certify public access documents that have been lodged with us. We do not certify:
For documents that can be certified, you will be provided with an option to purchase either a certified or uncertified copy.

Can I get multiple copies of certified documents at the same time?

Yes, but you will be charged the prescribed fee for each copy you purchase. For example, two copies of a certificate of registration will incur two fees.

What certificates are available for an online search?

The only certificate that is available for an online search is a copy of a certificate showing details of registration of corporation(s). To obtain other certificates, see the ASIC forms homepage.

For more information on document searches, see ASIC Connect. Opens new window

Information brokers

Information brokers also provide additional services for obtaining information on our public registers and may include information from sources other than ASIC.

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