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Forms to be accompanied by fee at time of lodgement

When you lodge some types of forms on paper, particularly applications, you must include the payment with the form. If we don't receive payment of the fee with the form, then we will return the form to the lodging party. Details of the prescribed fee are on the guide attached to the form. Payment options and methods will differ for documents which are lodged online.

To ensure that your form is accepted and to avoid delays in processing, you must enclose the full payment in the form of a cheque or money order when lodging these documents.

Cash payments are also acceptable if lodging in person at an ASIC Service Centre. These fees cannot be paid at an Australia Post outlet, Bpay or by EFT. Please note that no invoice will be sent.

Here is a list of common forms for which payment must be included. This is not an exhaustive list, and might not show a particular form that you may wish to lodge. If in doubt, you should attach the payment to the form when you lodge it.

Form Code
Application for registration as an Australian company
Application for registration of a body corporate as a company
Notification of resolution
Application for consent to resign as auditor
Application for registration as a registrable Australian body
Application for registration as a foreign company
Application for reservation of a name
Application to approve registration of a company name without the word 'limited'
Application to change the review date of a company or registered scheme
Notification of ceasing to act as or change to details of a liquidator
Application for change of State or Territory of registration of a company
Application for extension of time to hold Annual General Meeting
Application for registration of a managed investment scheme
Application for voluntary deregistration of a company
Application for transfer of registration of a company to registration under a law of a State or Territory

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