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Business name searches can be conducted using the Business Names Index.

These searches provide information on registered and cancelled business names, including the entity behind the name and how the entity may be contacted.

There are three ways to search for information about business names:

If you plan to use a commercial information broker, make sure you contact them for their fees and charges.

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Search types and information available in ASIC Connect

You can perform the following business name register searches in ASIC Connect:

Business names index search

For information we hold on a separate business name registration.

Business name holder (individual) search

For information we hold on a person who has a business name registration.

Business name holder (organisation) search

For information we hold on an organisation that has a business name registration.

Check business name availability search

To see if a business name is available for registration and to identify similar names. Read more about business name availability and the tests we apply.

Paid search extracts

A large amount of information on the Business Names Register is available free of charge. However, some information is only available by purchasing an extract.

The fee charged for an extract will depend on the type purchased. It is a good idea to check the free information available before paying for an extract. See more information on our search fees page.

The current business name extract and historical extract are available for purchase using ASIC Connect.

Extracts for business name holders cannot be purchased online. If you would like this information, you will need to download and complete an Application for person and organisation information from the business names register (233KB) paper transaction.

Business name holder extracts you can purchase with this transaction include:

Current and historical business name holder – organisation extract (294KB)

Current and historical business name holder – person extract (284KB)

Current business name holder – organisation extract (291KB)

Current business name holder – person extract (82KB)

Information not available

Personal information is not available to the public for privacy reasons. This includes a person's date and place of birth and residential address.

Where we are aware that the principal place of business for a 'home-based' business is a person's residential address, only the city/suburb, state and postcode will be shown for the principal place of business.

If we get an application and approve it, we will remove additional information from the public register - in which case, the word 'suppressed' will appear.

Displaying your business name record of registration

A business name holder no longer needs to display a certificate of registration for their business name.

The introduction of legislation in 2012 removed this requirement.

Business are still required to display their business name prominently in places they are open to the public.

Searching our business name index is the best way to determine the current status of a business name.

Serving documents on a business name

Some business names may only have a postal address listed in full when you search the register. Some states require that documents be served on a physical (or street) address.

Check your local state or territory law to determine which addresses should be used when serving documents on a business name.

Searching by government

Local, state, territory or Australian government bodies are entitled to government access to the Business Names Register for free (subject to conditions).

Eligible government agencies may be entitled to information held on the national Business Names Register that is not available to the public (such as personal information related to an individual business name holder, e.g. birth and residential address details).

Personal information is provided to government agencies for specific purposes outlined in the business names legislation.

Need more help? See our support for business names page for easy-to-understand user guides about ASIC Connect and managing your business name online.

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