Are your company details up to date?

Details of every company registered in Australia are kept on our corporate register.

Companies must ensure that the details held on our corporate register are kept up to date by telling us of any changes to these details. The Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) requires companies to tell us of changes to details on the appropriate form, generally within 28 days after the change. See Information Sheet 20 Checklist for registered companies and their officers (INFO 20) for more information about advising us of changes to your company’s details.

Annual statement

We will send your company an annual statement each year within 14 days of its annual review date. For most companies the annual review date will be the same as their date of registration.

We will send your company’s annual statement to one of the following:

  • your online inbox if you have registered to use our online lodgement systems

  • the address of your registered agent if you have appointed one

  • your nominated mailing address if you aren’t registered to use our online lodgement systems

  • your company’s registered office if none of the above apply.

If you have not received your annual statement within 14 days after the review date you should contact us.

The annual statement will contain a covering letter, a Company statement and an invoice statement.

If the information is not correct, you must tell us of any changes within 28 days after the issue date of the annual statement.

In most cases you can do this on either a:

  • Change to company details (Form 484 - online) - make changes to company details or supply any information that is missing or incomplete) or 

  • Request for correction (Form 492)amend any incorrect information that you have previously lodged with us.

This is Information Sheet 7 (INFO 7), reissued November 2015. Information sheets provide concise guidance on a specific process or compliance issue or an overview of detailed guidance.

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Last updated: 15/10/2014 12:00