Personal Property Securities Register

Lodgement of company charges prior to commencement of the PPS Register

The PPS Register will commence on Monday 30 January 2012. ASIC's final day for accepting and processing charge documents will be Friday 27 January 2012.

To ensure your lodgements are processed by ASIC you are encouraged to lodge early in the final week. If your charge documents are not registered with ASIC by the close of business on Friday 27 January 2012, you will need to register the charge with the PPS Register.

Will the ASIC register retain any charge information after the PPS Register goes live?

All current charges will be migrated to the new PPS Register. If your charge was registered provisionally with ASIC, it will be transferred to the PPS Register. However, after this transfer, the security interest (charge) will no longer have any legal effect and you will need to register your security interest on the PPS Register within 24 months to retain the original creation date.
All historical charge information e.g. charges that have been satisfied prior to 30 January 2012, will remain on the ASIC register and will be available for searching for 7 years. Therefore, after the Australian Register of Company Charges has closed, customers may need to search both the PPS Register and the ASIC Register to get the full history of charges for a company.

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