Registered liquidators - Lodging notices for publication on insolvency notices website

Fact sheet for registered liquidators

Since 1 July 2012 we have required you to lodge most notices for publication with us on our stand alone website: This replaces the requirement to publish the notices in the print media (newspapers and the Business Gazette).

The types of notices that you will lodge with ASIC are:

  1. notices of winding up applications
  2. notices relating to appointments
  3. notices of meetings of creditors
  4. notices of intention to disclaim property
  5. notices calling for proofs of debt and intention to declare dividends
  6. company deregistration (ASIC publishes these notices)

We understand that government will seek to amend Federal and Supreme Court Rules. Until then, the only notice which you must continue to publish in the print media is the notice of appointment when a court appoints you liquidator.

When you lodge the notice, you will need to pay the fee by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only).

For more details you can download:

fact sheets - for registered liquidators | for solicitors | for accountants

a quick guide on how to lodge notices on the new website

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