Markets and the role of ASIC

A financial market is a facility through which offers to buy and sell financial products are regularly made. Anyone who operates a financial market in Australia must obtain a licence to do so, or otherwise be exempted by the Minister.

ASIC is responsible for the supervision of operators of financial markets and clearing and settlement (C&S) facilities and of market participants. We advise the Government on changes to licensee operating rules and on applications for new market and C&S facility licences.

ASIC has taken over responsibility for supervision of real-time trading on Australia's domestic licensed markets. This supplements its existing responsibility for enforcement of the laws against misconduct on Australia's financial markets and its supervision of Australian Financial Services Licence holders.

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Results of new reviews of high-frequency trading and dark liquidity

Financial market users have become better able to operate in an electronic and high-speed environment, according to the latest ASIC findings on high-frequency trading and dark liquidity. 15-311MR. 26 October 2015

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