Credit relief instruments 2015

This page lists instruments issued by ASIC under the credit legislation (including section 203A of the Credit Code) in 2015. Specified exclusions made under subsections 6(14) and 171(4) of the Credit Code are not published on the ASIC website and are not available to the public.

Credit instruments can be downloaded as PDF files.

Instrument numberEntity/Credit activity
[15-0287] GE Capital Finance JV Holdco Pty Limited
[15-0310] Uniting Church in Australia
[15-0635] GE Capital Finance JV Holdco Pty Limited
[15-0916] Westpac Group Entities
[15-1015] Baptist Union of Queensland
[15-1056] Rismark International Funds Management Limited & Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
[15-1080] Wesfarmers Finance Pty Ltd

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