Business name fees and payment methods

Here you can find details on the fees we charge for business names. We also provide details on available payment options.

We must receive payment for your registration within 10 business days of your application being approved. Otherwise, your application will be rejected and you will need to re-apply for the name.

Your business name is not registered until we have received payment.

Business name fees

Registering a business name

The fees for registering a business name are:

  • $34 for one year
  • $80 for three years

Renewing a business name

The fees for renewing a business are identical to registration:

  • $34 for one year
  • $80 for three years

Updating business name details

There are no fees for updating business name details.

Cancelling a business name

There are no fees for cancelling a business name.

Transferring a business name

There is no fee when you transfer a business name. However, the person buying/receiving the business name needs to pay a fee when they register the business under their details. The fee is $34 for one year and $80 for three years.

Business name payment options

The following payment options are available for business names:

Credit card

We accept Visa or MasterCard.


If you request an invoice, you can make payment by BPAY or by visiting any Australia Post office in person. Ensure you allow three business days for processing your payment.


Ensure you allow three business days for electronic processing. We will also send an invoice to your email address.


When paying by credit card, you can print a receipt as part of the transaction. If you request an invoice or pay by BPAY, you should keep your invoice as proof of payment.

Applying for a business name through the Australian Business Register (ABR)

If you apply for a business name through the ABR, we'll automatically send an invoice to the email address you provide.

Missing Payments

If you've made a payment and it's missing from your account, it could be for a number of reasons.

Find out what information you need to provide for a missing payment search.


If your application for a business name has been rejected or you've accidentally overpaid, you can request a refund.

Find out how you can request a refund and what information you need to provide.

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