ASIC fees

We collect a range of fees from companies and other entities under Commonwealth laws. Some of the fees we collect include company registration and annual review fees. The law states when a fee must be paid, and the amount of the fee.
We charge late fees when:

  • some documents are lodged late, or

  • a fee is not paid on time.

All fees we collect, including late fees, are collected on behalf of the Commonwealth. They are not subject to GST.

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Schedules of credit fees

Lodgement fees

Fees apply when you lodge some forms and documents. You can find out if there is a fee by searching ASIC forms.

You may need to pay the fee for some applications before the form can be processed.

Lodging a form online will generate an invoice when required unless other payment options are available as part of your access.

Fees for commonly lodged documents

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Late fees

The law states when a fee must be charged if you lodge a document late or don't pay a fee on time. To find out the lodgement period for a form you can check the form guide, or when you find ASIC forms.

  • Lodgement or payment up to one month late—$75 late fee

  • Lodgement or payment more than one month late—$312 late fee

Here is more information about how to avoid late fees.

Annual review fees

Every company and managed investment scheme has an annual review date, usually the anniversary of its registration date. Soon after its annual review date each year, we issue each registered company and scheme with an annual statement and an invoice statement for the annual review fee. You need to pay the annual review fee to keep your company or scheme registered.

You can check the review date for a company or scheme from our Organisation and Business Names search. You will need the Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian registered scheme number (ARSN).

Depending on the circumstances, if you don’t meet the legal time limits that apply to paying your annual review fee and responding to your annual statement you may be charged any one of the following three types of late fees (or a combination of two late fees or all three):

  • late payment fee

  • late review fee

  • late lodgement fee.

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