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Information sheets

Listed below are the information sheets available on this website. If you have any questions regarding them contact ASIC on
1300 300 630 or make an inquiry at www.asic.gov.au/question

We are publishing monthly Regulatory document update tables, from August 2013, of updates to our regulatory documents, including updates not notified in media releases.

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INFO 1Administrative hearings
INFO 2Alternate directors
INFO 135Annual compliance certificates for credit licensees
INFO 144Annual general meetings: Voting on the remuneration report resolution
Annual Returns - pre 2003
INFO 3Annual statements and late fees
INFO 5Application for suppression of residential address
INFO 132Applying for a credit licence: Details of professional indemnity insurance
INFO 113Applying for a credit licence: Summary business description
INFO 179Applying for a limited AFS licence
INFO 82Applying for relief
Appoint an agent to represent your company
INFO 126Appointing and maintaining your credit representatives
INFO 88Appointment of authorised representatives, Notifying ASIC of
INFO 85Approving fees: a guide for creditors
INFO 7Are your company details up to date?
INFO 90As a superannuation trustee, do I need to notify members about member transfers without consent?
INFO 139ASIC Act infringement notices: Your rights
INFO 65ASIC consent to the resignation of an auditor (See Resignation of an auditor under the Corporations Act 2001)
INFO 8ASIC corporate key
INFO 9ASIC decisions - your rights
ASIC forms list
ASIC information brokers
INFO 10ASIC initiated deregistration of a company
ASIC invoice statements
INFO 164ASIC market integrity rules: Exceptions to the pre-trade transparency requirements
ASIC office, contacting
ASIC Search information and fees - see Search fees
INFO 151ASIC's approach to enforcement
INFO 180ASIC’s approach to involvement in private court proceedings
INFO 145ASIC's compulsory information-gathering powers
INFO 196Audit quality: The role of directors and audit committees
INFO 184Audit transparency reports
INFO 62auditor, removal under Corporations Act 2001
INFO 65auditor, resignation under Corporations Act 2001
INFO 64auditors of registered schemes and compliance plans, resignation and removal
INFO 13Australian Company Numbers
INFO 140Australian Consumer Law substantiation notices: Your rights
Australian Corporate Update CD-ROM
INFO 14Automatic disqualification of officeholders (Bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements)
INFO 14Bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements
INFO 15Cancellation of shares: Reference guide
INFO 16Changing a company name
INFO 18Changing company type
INFO 17Changing a financial year
INFO 20Checklist for registered companies and their officers
Commemorative records of registration
INFO 131Companies limited by guarantee—simplified obligations
INFO 21Company Alert tips
INFO 79Company director's obligations
INFO 71Company name availability
INFO 22Company resolutions
INFO 145compulsory information-gathering powers, ASIC's
INFO 104Complying with your credit obligations
INFO 134Complying with your obligations if you are both a credit licensee and an AFS licensee
INFO 136Complying with your trust account obligations as a credit licensee
INFO 23Constitution and replaceable rules
Contacting ASIC
INFO 172Cooperating with ASIC
INFO 8Corporate key
INFO 138Credit annual compliance certificate: Statement of personal information template
INFO 137Credit disclosure: Transitional arrangements
INFO 128Credit infringement notices - your rights
INFO 109Credit licensee offences: Prohibited dealings and unlawful authorisations
INFO 143Credit rating agencies: Guidance on certain AFS licence conditions
INFO 147Credit rating agencies: Lodging a compliance report with ASIC
INFO 178Dark liquidity and high-frequency trading
Read the PDF (115 KB)
INFO 141Dealing and providing a custodial or depository service as a secondary service
INFO 26Dealing with businesses and companies: How to avoid being swindled
INFO 105Dealing with consumers and credit
INFO 24Deeds of cross guarantee
INFO 25Deregistering a company (Voluntarily deregistering a company)
INFO 10Deregistration of a company - ASIC initiated
INFO 2directors, alternate
INFO 183Directors and financial reporting
Director's legal obligations
INFO 99Disclosure of credit ratings in Australia
Read as a PDF (72 KB)
INFO 167Disclosure requirements for superannuation trustees: s29QC
INFO 186Disputes about access to company information
INFO 192Disputes about company addresses and company mail
INFO 160Disputes about employee entitlements
INFO 190Disputes about financial reporting by small proprietary companies
INFO 161Disputes about goods and non-financial services
INFO 193Disputes about share registry services
INFO 187Disputes about similar business names
INFO 173Disputes about unpaid debts: Small proprietary companies
INFO 188Disputes about your rights as a proprietary company shareholder (member)
INFO 162Disputes between officeholders and/or members of small proprietary companies
INFO 174Disputes with financial services or credit providers
INFO 90Do I need to notify members about member transfers without consent? (Superannuation trustee)
INFO 101Does the new credit regime apply?
Don't get burned (see Dealing with businesses and companies: How to avoid being swindled)
INFO 57EDGE-compliant computer software
EDGE introduction and protocol
INFO 28Enforceable undertakings register
INFO 195ePayments Code: Reporting data on unauthorised transactions
INFO 142Estimated frozen funds under management
INFO 164Exceptions to the pre-trade transparency requirements (ASIC market integrity rules)
INFO 198Extended warranties
INFO 29External administration - most commonly lodged forms
INFO 176External dispute resolution: What to do if you are unhappy with a scheme decision
Fees for ASIC company search information (see Search fees)
INFO 197Fee and cost disclosure requirements for superannuation trustees
INFO 30Fees for commonly lodged documents
INFO 108Fees for credit licence and annual compliance certificate
Fees for lodging documents and how to pay them
INFO 87Fee waivers
INFO 163Financial reporting compliance by administrators of insolvent public companies
INFO 31Financial reports
INFO 32Foreign companies
Forms list
INFO 142Frozen funds: Estimated frozen funds under management
INFO 111Frozen funds, Information for investors in
Read as a PDF Frozen funds, Information for investors in
INFO 103Getting a credit licence
INFO 33Getting your money back
INFO 168Giving and collectively charging for intra-fund advice
INFO 112Guidance for financial counsellors
INFO 97Guidance for small credit businesses
INFO 107Guidelines for managing allegations of misconduct against ASIC staff members
INFO 153How ASIC deals with reports of misconduct
Read online
Download PDF
INFO 86How do the RSE and AFS licensing application processes work together?
INFO 37How to avoid late fees
INFO 80How to interpret ASIC insolvency statistics
INFO 61How to register a company
INFO 166Implementing the CPSS–IOSCO Principles for financial market infrastructures in Australia
INFO 73importance of sole company directors/shareholders having a will, The
INFO 84Independence of external administrators: a guide for creditors
Information brokers
Information for creditors
Insolvencies, terminations and new incorporations statistics
INFO 41Insolvency: a glossary of terms
INFO 42Insolvency: a guide for directors
INFO 43Insolvency: a guide for shareholders
INFO 39Insolvency information sheets
Invoice statements
INFO 3Late fees
INFO 165Legal professional privilege
INFO 110Lenders with carried over instruments
INFO 45Liquidation: a guide for creditors
INFO 46Liquidation: a guide for employees
INFO 34Liquidators, Registration of (includes registration form, pro formas and guidelines)
List of ASIC forms
INFO 30Lodging fees
INFO 100Margin lending — getting or varying an AFS licence
INFO 150Market supervision and competition cost recovery (1 July 2013 to 30 June 2015)—billing arrangements for ASX and Chi-X participants
INFO 47Members of a company
INFO 49Minimum officeholders
INFO 175Misconduct within company under external administration
INFO 170MySuper product dashboard requirements for superannuation trustees
News for business: Merchant pricing for credit card payments
INFO 129National credit laws and book up: What you need to know
INFO 94Notification requirements for Product Disclosure Statements
INFO 88Notifying ASIC of the appointment of authorised representatives
INFO 169Notifying members about superannuation transfers: Accrued default amounts (MySuper transition)
INFO 50Notifying the ASX about directors' interests in company securities
Notifying details of credit representatives
INFO 59Official liquidators, Registration of
Online user guides
INFO 14Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Agreements)
INFO 157Practical guidance for foreign financial service providers
INFO 93Practical guidance for operators of foreign collective investment schemes
INFO 92Probity request procedures for overseas regulators
INFO 194Protecting yourself when you supply goods and services on credit
INFO 53Providing assistance to external administrators: books, records and RATA
INFO 181Providing information and documents to private litigants
INFO 152Public comment
INFO 177Quarterly cash equity market data: Methodology and definitions
INFO 54Receivership; a guide for creditors
INFO 55Receivership: a guide for employees
INFO 56Reduction in share capital
INFO 61Register a company, How to
INFO 77Registered agents, What you need to know
INFO 57Registered EDGE-compliant computer software
INFO 58Registering a company - proof of identity for personal cheques
INFO 81Registering not-for-profit or charitable organisations
INFO 60Registrable Australian Bodies
INFO 34Registration of liquidators (includes registration form, pro formas and guidelines)
INFO 59Registration of official liquidators
INFO 156Regulated emissions units: Applying for or varying an AFS licence
INFO 4Reinstatement of the registration of a company
INFO 62Removal of an auditor under the Corporations Act 2001
INFO 63Replaceable rules outlined
INFO 95Requirements for disclosure and reporting of short sales
INFO 64Resignation and removal of auditors of registered schemes or compliance plans
INFO 65Resignation of an auditor under the Corporations Act 2001
INFO 146Responsible lending disclosure obligations: Overview for credit licensees and representatives
INFO 66Restoration of the names of registrable Australian bodies and foreign companies to the register
INFO 185Reverse mortgage calculator, using ASIC's
Restricted words in company/body corporate names
APRA Guidelines
Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education guidelines
Schedule 6 - Availability of Names
Treasury Guidelines
Search fees
INFO 69Share buy-backs
INFO 70Shares
INFO 47Shareholders - see Members
INFO 98Short selling: Short position reporting
INFO 133Shorter PDS regime: Superannuation, managed investment schemes and margin lending
Read online
Download PDF PDF download
INFO 155Shorter PDSs: Complying with requirements for superannuation products and simple managed investment schemes
Read online
Download PDF PDF download
INFO 158Short sale tagging
INFO 71Similar company names (now Company name availability)
INFO 57Software you need (Registered EDGE-compliant computer software)
INFO 22Special Resolutions (see Company Resolutions)
Super Decisions - Essential facts, tips and safety checks to help you make the right super decisions.
INFO 182Super switching advice: Complying with your obligations
INFO 73The importance of sole company directors/shareholders having a will
INFO 106Trustee companies: Minimum standards for trustee companies holding estate assets
INFO 191Unsolicited (or unexpected) offers to buy your shares
INFO 185Using ASIC's reverse mortgage calculator
INFO 189Using ‘Limited’, ‘No Liability’ or ‘Proprietary’ in a name
INFO 74Voluntary administration: a guide for creditors
INFO 75Voluntary administration: a guide for employees
INFO 25Voluntary deregistering a company
INFO 79Watchdog's Guide - now called Your company and the law
INFO 76What books and records should my company keep?
INFO 89What can I tell my employees about making a choice of superannuation fund?
INFO 114Withdrawn. See now INFO 174 (Disputes with financial services or credit providers) and INFO 176 (External dispute resolution: What to do if you are unhappy with a scheme decision)
INFO 77What you need to know about registered agents
INFO 91Who can be the authorised representative of a licensee?
INFO 52Whistleblowers and whistleblower protection
INFO 78Winding-up a solvent company
INFO 79Your company and the law
INFO 159Your investments: Frozen funds and hardship payments

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