Money I have invested (financial services and advice)

ASIC does not settle disputes about financial services or advice.

Please read the following information about resolving these disputes through the internal dispute resolution process and external dispute resolution schemes:

  • Disputes with financial firms (INFO 174)
  • What to do if you are dissatisfied with a decision by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (INFO 176)

Frozen funds: Please read the following information about frozen funds:

  • Your investments: Frozen funds and hardship payments (INFO 159)

Watch our Youtube video on Your investments: Frozen funds and hardship payments.

Or read the transcript.

Financial advisers register: If you are concerned about the information on the financial adviser register, please read:

  • Disputes about the financial advisers register (INFO 202)

ASIC's consumer website, MoneySmart gives a step-by-step guide to resolving problems with financial services or advice such as managed investments, superannuation, insurance.

If there is evidence that a financial services provider has acted illegally we may consider taking action:

Where ASIC can help


Whistleblower protections for not-for-profit organisations, 29 May 2019

ASIC welcomes new whistleblowing laws

Media Release 19-038MR. 21 February 2019

Whistleblowing - new rules, new policies, new vision

A speech by ASIC Commissioner John Price, 16 November 2018

Guidance for whistleblowers

What you should do if you believe you are a whistleblower and the protections available to you.

ASIC and whistleblowers

Asic Whistleblower Thmb

Warren Day, Senior Executive Leader, Assessment and Intelligence talks about ASIC's role in relation to whisteblowers.

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The Corporations Act and whistleblowers

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Fair Work Ombudsman

You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman if you would like to report someone who isn't complying with workplace laws or you need help in resolving a workplace issue.

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