Changing or cancelling your liquidator registration

You can change your registration details or cancel your registration as a liquidator at any time.

To notify us:

  • of your change of address, you will need to lodge form 905A to update your liquidator registration details, as well as lodge a form 506 for the entities to which you are currently appointed as an external administrator. These forms can be lodged through the registered liquidators portal.
  • that you have become disqualified from managing corporations, you will need to lodge a form 906, which must be lodged by mail.

We expect you to request cancellation of your registration if:

  • you cease to practise as a registered liquidator
  • you have not taken any external administration appointments for three years (unless you have informed us that you are completing existing appointments before ceasing to practise)
  • you leave Australia permanently, or you have lived outside Australia for 12 months and you do not intend to return immediately
  • you become a disqualified person
  • you become an insolvent under administration, or
  • you cease to be fit and proper to remain registered for any other reason.

If you do not request cancellation of your registration in these situations, we may cancel your registration (in certain circumstances) or we may apply to the Companies and Liquidators Disciplinary Board (CALDB) for cancellation.

We will generally grant your request for cancellation if we are satisfied that you have made adequate arrangements for transferring files, resigning from appointments and arranging replacements (if relevant), and there are no applications to CALDB or legal action pending against you in your capacity as an external administrator.

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