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Financial reporting and audit - overview

This section contains information about the financial reporting and auditing requirements under the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) .

ASIC regulates compliance with the financial reporting and auditing requirements for entities subject to the Corporations Act and provides relief from those requirements in certain circumstances. Our active monitoring of entities’ compliance with these requirements contributes directly to market integrity and investor confidence. It seeks to ensure that the financial reports and audit opinions issued are relevant and reliable, and help users make better informed decisions in the marketplace.

The information on financial reporting and audit in these pages is summarised and does not cover all aspects of the reporting and audit requirements under the Corporations Act. You should also refer to relevant legislation, standards, class orders and regulatory guides.

This information does not represent legal or other professional advice. We encourage you to seek your own professional advice to find out how the Corporations Act and other relevant laws may apply to you and your particular circumstances.

Examples in this section are purely for illustration; they are not exhaustive and are not intended to impose or imply particular rules or requirements.

For preparers of financial reportsUnderstand the applicable financial reporting requirements, how to apply for relief from financial reporting requirements and learn more about ASIC's Financial Reporting Surveillance Program.
For auditorsUnderstand auditors' compliance and document lodgement obligations, access the auditor portal and learn more about ASIC's Audit Inspection and Surveillance Programs. Also visit here for information about whistleblowing.
For directorsFinancial reporting responsibilities of directors.
SMSF auditorsFor auditors and prospective auditors who wish to audit self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
For users of financial reportsGeneral information about financial reporting and auditing requirements for investors, shareholders and other users of financial reports.
LiaisonLearn more about ASIC's financial reporting and auditing liaison activities.
ResourcesProvides access to the applicable legislation regarding the financial reporting and auditing requirements, professional standards, regulatory documents and useful contact information.

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