Running a company

As a company officeholder you must act in the company's best interests and understand your responsibilities and obligations under the law.

Other obligations

We will issue an annual company statement. You must check this statement, notify us of any changes and pass a solvency resolution.

You must keep any required books and records and pay relevant fees to ASIC.

You can also appoint a Registered Agent to receive information from us and  lodge documents on behalf of your company.

Things you need to know


Company officeholder duties

Your responsibilities and obligations as director or secretary of a company.

Annual statements

We will send you an annual statement once a year. You must check this statement, notify us of any changes to your company details and pass a solvency resolution.

Payments, fees and invoices

Learn about the fees we may charge when you lodge a document with us.


Learn about how to become a member (shareholder), what it involves, and attending members' meetings.


Learn about how to notify ASIC of changes to your company share structure and members (shareholders).

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