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ASIC Training Register - under review

The ASIC Training Register has been placed under review. The register content will be maintained and valid up to 24 September 2012. After that date, you will need to contact individual training providers directly to get information about the courses they provide. The review will enable ASIC to explore options pending final policy positions flowing from Consultation Paper 153 Licensing: Assessment and professional development framework for financial advisers (CP 153) and the Future of Financial Advice reforms.

Course providers will not be required to register their RG 146 courses.

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What's new

Action on deficient advice on complex structured investment products

ASIC concerns about financial advice relating to complex products has led to 10 licensees undertaking corrective action. 15-036MR. 24 Feb

ASIC enquires into risk management by responsible entities

We are making enquiries into a number of responsible entities of registered managed investment schemes regarding their risk management practices. 15-020MR. 13 Feb

Update on the implementation of ASIC register for financial advisers

We are well advanced with work on an industry-wide public register of financial advisers to be up and running at the end of March. 15-021MR. 11 Feb

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ASIC Deputy Chairman Peter Kell talks about breach reporting.

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