Insolvency notices

You can now search and browse insolvency and deregistration notices on the ASIC-sponsored published notices website.

These notices were previously published in national and state newspapers and the Business Gazette and are now lodged electronically on the website.

Note: The new website only holds notices published from 1 July 2012.

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Information for registered liquidators

From 1 July 2012, registered liquidators must lodge most notices with ASIC on the new website.

How to lodge a notice
Relevant legislative provisions (PDF)

What's new

ASIC releases first licensing activity report

We have released a report on licensing activity to help inform businesses and individuals wanting to provide financial services or credit, or register as a liquidator or auditor. 15-0118MR. 20 May

Latest releases on insolvency

Latest liquidator registration applications

Latest insolvency statistics

Insolvency notices

View insolvency and deregistration notices on the published notices website.


Jp Illegal Phoenix

ASIC Commissioner John Price talks about insolvency and illegal phoenix activity.

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