Market structure

Equity markets are undergoing considerable change. They are now overwhelmingly electronic and automated. Technology has increased the speed, capacity, automation and sophistication of trading for market operators and market participants. It has also opened the door for new types of market participants with innovative trading strategies.

These pages provide information on past and current consultations that we have undertaken in order to balance our objective of ensuring financial markets are fair and efficient with market innovations.

Market structure reforms

Market competition

Commonwealth government securities

Dark liquidity and high-frequency trading

Crossing systems

Equity market data

Block trade tiers

We also provide additional guidance in the Market structure - frequently asked questions and additional information.

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Market Integrity Update

20 February 2017

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Share Investing pays infringement notice penalty

20 February 2017

Share Investing Limited has paid a penalty of $130,000 to comply with an infringement notice given to it by the MDP.

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Cleaning up our markets from dangerous leaks of information

1 February 2017

ASC Commissioner Cathie Armour discusses market cleanliness as we head into the reporting season.

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