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Superannuation funds

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ASIC's role in super
Stronger Super reforms
Shorter PDS regime
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What's new for superannuation funds

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ASIC's role in super

ASIC is principally responsible for the enforcement of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) which regulates the conduct and disclosure obligations of financial services providers (including superannuation trustees that hold an Australian financial services (AFS) licence).

As the conduct and disclosure regulator, ASIC’s role primarily concerns the relationship between trustees and individual consumers. ASIC aims to look after consumers ensuring they receive proper disclosure, are dealt with fairly by qualified people, continue to receive useful information about their investment or product and can access proper complaints-handling procedures. Promoting confident and informed investors and financial consumers is one of ASIC's strategic priorities.

More about ASIC's role in super (including the role of co-regulators and the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal)

Stronger Super reforms

The purpose of the Government's Stronger Super reforms is to make the Australian superannuation system stronger and more efficient, and to help maximise retirement income for superannuants.

More about the Stronger Super reforms

Shorter PDS regime

The shorter PDS disclosure regime commenced fully on 22 June 2012 and ASIC has recently issued further guidance, and provided interim class order relief, to issuers of some products.

More about the shorter PDS regime

Financial services resources

Our Financial Services Resources page lists helpful links to information including legislation, media releases, our frequently asked questions, and our Financial services road map.

Go to Financial services resources page

Our Financial services road map indexes our financial services regulatory documents and class orders by topic. The road map includes a heading for regulatory documents relevant to superannuation trustees and administrators.

Go to Financial services roadmap

Super switching advice

This information sheet provides general information and compliance tips for financial advisers who provide super switching advice.

Read the information sheet

Information for consumers about superannuation

Information for consumers about superannuation and retirement is available on our MoneySmart website Opens new window.

Media releases

Browse list of media releases on superannuation.

Other information

Further information and background to the reforms can be found on the Government’s Stronger Super website Opens new window.

Information about the Super System Review can be found on the Super System Review website Opens new window.

The Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms will also affect super trustees. Further information is available at the Future of Financial Advice website Opens new window, and at ASIC's FoFA webpage.

Information about ASIC's priorities and regulatory focus appears in speeches by ASIC:

The stronger super reforms follow earlier reforms in the superannuation sector, such as Super Choice (this information is no longer updated).

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