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Payments, fees and invoices

See also Business name fees and search fees.

ASIC fees

Why we charge fees, what types of fees, where to find them, fees and GST

Late fees

How and when we charge late fees
  • Lodgement or payment up to one month late—$74 late fee
  • Lodgement or payment more than one month late—$308 late fee

ASIC invoices

What they contain, where they are sent, checking your balance, invoice reprints

Making payments

The methods you can use to pay us

Checking your account balance

You can check your account balance online or by contacting us

What happened to my payment?

What you can do if you have paid and it isn't showing on your ASIC account

Waiving late fees

You can ask for late fees to be waived in specific circumstances

How do I request a refund?

You can request a refund by EFT or cheque

Hardship and special circumstances

Getting help

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