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In addition to the searches available on our new ASIC Connect search service, we provide a number of registers as well as other information and services on this website. These are listed below.


ASIC training register

The ASIC Training Register lists training courses and individual assessment services that have been approved by ASIC authorised assessors as meeting ASIC's training requirements in relation to Regulatory Guide 146 Licensing: Training of financial product advisers (RG 146).

See more information on ASIC's training standards for people who provide financial product advice to retail clients and the ASIC training register.

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Carbon registrants

(inactive 1 January 2013)

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Credit and ASIC Act infringements

This register records infringement notices paid under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, the National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations 2010 and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001.

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Enforceable undertakings register

The Enforceable undertakings register lists enforceable undertakings accepted by ASIC. Enforceable undertakings are undertakings provided to us that are enforceable in a court and are generally accepted by us as an alternative to civil or administrative action where there has been a contravention of the legislation we administer.

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Register of banned bodies corporate

The Register of banned bodies corporate contains all information received from states and territories about bodies corporate that are banned from engaging in credit activities by a state or territory or under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.

Here is more information on how this information was provided to ASIC Download pdf.

Please note, some of these bodies corporate may no longer be registered with ASIC and would be noted in the Organisations and Business Names search Opens new window as being deregistered companies.

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Register of certificates of transfer for licensed trustee companies

Licensed trustee companies provide trustee services to clients which include acting as executor of a will, trustee or under a power of attorney. Here are copies of the certificates of transfer that we have issued following transfer determinations made under these provisions.

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Register of trustees for debenture holders

Search information required to be provided by the issuers of debentures relating to the appointment of trustees. It shows appointments made from 1 January 2010.

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Register of unlicensed carried over instrument lenders

The register of carried over instrument lenders lists all unlicensed carried over instrument lenders notified to ASIC, including any prescribed unlicensed carried over instrument lenders.

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Other information and services

BPAY reference number search

You can search for the BPAY reference number used to pay for ASIC fees at Payments

Company alerts

You can create and maintain a company alert profile for companies you want to monitor, including notifications of the documents a company lodges.


The Commonwealth of Australia ASIC Gazettes include notices under the Corporations Act, changes of company type, deregistrations, reinstatements, Markets Disciplinary Panel Infringements Notices and unclaimed money. The Commonwealth of Australia Business Gazette contains private company notices.

Information brokers

Information brokers also provide additional services for obtaining this information and may include information on an entity or person from sources other than ASIC.

Insolvency notices website

You can search our Insolvency notices website Opens new window for insolvency and other notices and company deregistrations.


OFFERlist is a database of documents lodged with ASIC for fundraising offers that are required to be disclosed to the public. We provide free access to the OFFERlist database to facilitate access to these disclosure documents during the exposure period.

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Summary prosecutions of companies and directors

This register lists summary prosecutions undertaken by ASIC against companies and directors. Since 1 July 2002 we have increased the number of prosecutions of people and companies for a variety of alleged breaches of the Corporations Act. Our reasons for doing this include:
You can view PDF lists of people we have prosecuted.

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