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Running your company

Company officeholder duties

Your responsibilities and obligations as director or secretary of a company.

Change of details

You must notify us of changes to officeholder details, share details, addresses, office hours, company names, company type etc.

Some of these changes may require you to make a resolution first.

Notifying changes

You can easily lodge changes to your company details using our online service or you can fill in and print out a pdf version of the relevant form and mail it to us.

You can also use a registered agent.

Annual statements

Once a year we send you an annual company statement.

You must check this statement, notify us of any changes and pass a solvency resolution.


When you lodge documents with us you may need to pay a fee.


You must inform us when an auditor resigns or is removed.

Registered agents

You can appoint a registered agent to lodge information with us on behalf of your company.


Becoming a member (shareholder), what it involves and members' meetings

Protect yourself

Protect your company's interests when dealing with other businesses.

Our online search tools can help.

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