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Here you will find all the information you need to know about what a registered agent is and how to use our online lodgement services.

These services allow you to sign up for our email alerts, check and change company details, review annual statements and invoices as well as lodge forms.

Latest update

From 2 November 2015, registered agents can lodge changes online using a company's corporate key, without being appointed to the company as their registered agent.

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Online lodgement

ASIC Registered Agents are required to lodge the following forms online:

  • Change to company details (Form 484 - online)
  • Application for voluntary deregistration of a company (Form 6010)
  • Notification of resolution to change company name (Form 205A)
  • Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent or contact address (Form 362)

This change is part of a long term vision of moving our transactions online.

Benefits of being able to lodge these forms online include reduced levels of risk for late fees, reduced fraudulent activity (with having our online authentication process) as well as increased convenience for those who wish to lodge documents after standard business hours.

You may currently experience a data or online lodgement issue for a small number of transactions (sub-forms). For these transactions you will need to submit a Request to Lodge Documents via email.

Need help getting online? Check our frequently asked questions or email us at for more information.


Things you need to knowDescription
What is a Registered Agent? A Registered Agent acts as an intermediary between an Australian company and ASIC to help the company meet their lodgement obligations more efficiently.
Register, change details or cease as a Registered Agent Complete this form if you wish to register as, change details or cease as an ASIC registered agent.
Options for document lodgements and online transactions There are two systems used to receive and lodge documents electronically with us, these include the Online Agent Portal and EDGE.
Register for online access or log in to the agent portal Check and change company details, review annual statements, lodge forms and receive email alerts.
Lodge documents using EDGE Download data from our database to check your client details, lodge documents outside normal business hours or upload information onto your own register.
Request to lodge documents via email You may currently experience a data or online lodgement issue for a small number of transactions (sub-forms). For these transactions you will need to submit a request to lodge documents via email.
Update your details If any of your Registered Agent contact details change, you must lodge a Form RA01 to notify us.
Cancel your registration Once you cancel your registration, all the companies that are still linked to you in our system will be notified.
ASIC-initiated cancellation of an agents registration We reserve the right to review your conduct at any stage during your registration. The Form RA01 Guide details when we can cancel your registration. We can also cancel your registration if you are found to have breached s1308 of the Corporations Act.
ASIC requirements for storing signed documents lodged online This page explains ASIC's requirements for storing signed documents lodged electronically. 
Support for Registered Agents Need more help? See our Support for Registered Agents page for easy-to-understand user guides on how to check and change company details through our registered agent and officeholder portals.

Seeking more information on how we manage your details? Ask us a question online.

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